Ready to drive into the world of experiential marketing, advertising, and events?

Look no further than Urban Entertainment Group! We’re your ultimate partner for all things exciting and unforgettable.

Urban Entertainment provides exceptional guest experiences utilizing unique, authentic mobile pubs. (Philly Yard Bar)  Urban Entertainment finds inspiration in color, texture and whisper-worthy nooks and crannies providing a strong character atmosphere with effortless brand cohesion through a high-value collaborative process.

Whether your brand is looking for the warmth of natural wood, beamed ceiling and recessed lighting or a sleek, modern design that is easily branded with custom wrapping, Urban Entertainment Group works with brands to create a place that invites people in and makes them feel warm and welcomed.

Urban Entertainment Group mobile pubs include:

  • U-shape bar with ice wells
  • Three-basin sink with running hot water
  • Generator
  • Recessed lighting
  • Sound system with wireless microphone
  • Smart TV
  • Retractable awning
  • Powder coated railings
  • Pub height tables
  • Bar stools

Urban Entertainment Group uses architecture, furnishings and experiential analytics to create unique guest experiences in VIP spaces, portfolio tastings, festivals and celebrations. We lead guests through a powerful narrative of elegant curiosities that are chock-full of wonder and designed to bring guests delight. Urban Entertainment Group ensures brand cohesion through a deliberative engagement with clients. Every project starts with our clients’ intent; we want to know where you are going and help get you there through beautiful, efficient and a practically designed mobile pub that meets the void between guests’ needs and physical spaces.